Watch the Dr Oz Segment for electromagnetic field therapy

~ Introducing ~
Intelligent Magnetic Resonance Stimulation System —
an improved version of the MRS 2000+
Magnetic Resonance Simulation System and Light Therapy

Sessions are available for an introductory offer for the Winter months
at an amazing price of $20.00 for a 16 minute session.

During your session you may be laying down on a massage table pulsating electromagnetic waves are radiating throughout your body. Waves can be adjusted to be the Apha, Beta, Theta, or Delta waves.

Other methods of application include the use of a probe to heal one specific area of the body at one time.

mrs2000+ system

This form of therapy may improve your health in the following manner:
• improves energy balance
• improve your blood circulation throughout the body
• increase the oxygen transport throughout the body
• accelerate regeneration of sick tissues
• speed up bone healing; releases calcium of healthy cell membrane
• reduces pain
• can be used as a preventative measure to maintain a strong and healthy body
• enhances of psychological well-being for stress and anxiety
• improves immune system function

So if you have been struggling with a health issue that the doctors have not been able to help you to overcome, it may be time to try the alternative approaches to your health and well-being offered at the
Dianne C. Nassr Healing Arts Center.

$20.00                                                                                                                                                  $20.00
Summer Special
Mention that you saw this ad on my web site for and receive an additional
8 minute upgrade to your session.
Can be used up to three sessions.
$20.00                                                                                                                                                  $20.00

Results in using the MRS and the IMRS within the Dianne C. Nassr Healing Arts Center include:

  • Increasing bone density during a two year daily use up to 10.4 % medically documented of a 58 year old woman.
  • Increasing bone density during a one and a half year period  by 6% medically documented by an 82 year old woman.
  • Relieving neuropathy symptoms of a 58 year woman whose hand was frozen in the catcher's mitt position for 6 months due to diabetes. After just three treatments her she was able to have full range of motion of her entire hand — medically documented!
  • Relieving the neuropathy symtoms of 60 year old man in his feet and legs after just three treatments due to diabetes. His comment was “I don’t feel like I am walking on tree stumps anymore!”
  • Increased the sperm production of a 38 year old male (medically documented) which lead to the fertilization of his wife's egg and the birth of a beautiful healthy baby boy!
  • Relaxation response for anyone who spends 16-24 minutes on the MRS or the IMRS.

Rental of the IMRS unit is available on a first come first serve basis. The goal in using such a wellness device is to assist the body in removing the negative affects of electric smog which exists in our environment. If you use your computer and your cell phone on a daily basis you are exposing yourself to electric smog. Consider trying this wellness device and  assist your immune system to return a healthier you!

These devices are not designed to diagnose, treat, cure or heal any illlness. It is a wellness device which nurtures the cells of the body with positive magnetic resonance thereby improving the overall well being of the cells of your body.